BellBrook Labs is dedicated to accelerating drug discovery and biological research by providing innovative high throughput screening solutions for enzymes and phenotypic assays. 

Transcreener® HTS Assays: Four Assays, thousands of targets.  
Transcreener products and services make it easy to screen thousands of different enzymes, including validated targets like kinases, as well as emerging targets like ATPases, GTPases, methyltransferases, and glycosyltransferases.

iuvo™ Microconduit Array Plates: Better Biology
Iuvo plates and assay services enable highly miniaturized tissue-like cell models and quantitative cell motility assays that more accurately reflect in vivo biology.

Partnering Opportunities
We seek out collaborative scientific and marketing partners in cases where further development or commercialization of a technology is outside of our core capabilities. Learn more about partnering opportunities with Bellbrook’s Cellular and Biochemical Assay Technologies. 

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Transcreener® ADP2 Assay

“Excellent blend of simplicity, economics & good science. Excellent technical support.”