Partnering Opportunities

bellbrook_logos_047.jpgMessage to Partners:

We seek out collaborative scientific and/or marketing partners in cases where further development or commercialization of a technology is outside of our core capabilities.

Our goal in our partnering activties is the same as in the rest of our business: to accelerate drug discovery with enabling HTS assay technologies.

For more information on any of these technologies or to discuss partnering opportunities, please contact us.

Cellular Assay Technologies

BellBrook Labs uses engineering, microfluidics and microfabrication capabilities to develop specialized plates with microchannels or wells designed to enable highly miniaturized phenotypic assays that cannot be performed in multiwell plates.  Applications include 3D cellular assays, cell migration, air liquid interface cultures, and washing of non-adherent cells.  All plates are designed for use on existing automated liquid dispensing and image based analysis platforms. (Learn more)

Learn how easy it is to run high content assays in 3D!

Biochemical Assay Technologies

RGScreen™ is the only biochemical HTS assay platform for direct detection of Regulator of G Protein Signaling (RGS) catalytic activity. (Learn more)