Iuvo 3D Cell-Based Assay Service

Screening & Profiling in 3D

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The importance of 3D extracellular matrix on cellular function and behavior is clear from studies in differentiation, tissue engineering and even molecular pharmacology. BellBrook Labs is leveraging its unique iuvo™ Microconduit Array technology to provide high content cellular assays in 3D extracellular matrix. Let BellBrook Labs Bring Its 3D Expertise & Experience to your Research!


3DECM services data sheet icon iuvo 3D Cell-Based Assay Service Datasheet (PDF) 

Our 3D Assay Service Offers:

  1. Screening/Profiling in 3D Biological Matrix: Replicates in vivo microenvironment and signaling pathways.

  2. Quantitative Compound Data: Quantitative potency data including IC50 and magnitude of effect. In situ molecular staining allows pathway and mechanism analysis. Final reports include raw image files, dose response curves, and IC50 values.

  3. Multiparametric High Content Platform: Allows a variety of assays, including viability, cell cycle, apoptosis, and migration/invasion.

  4. Rapid Turn-Around Time: Data delivered within three weeks.


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Invasion of tumor cells through ECM (extracellular matrix) is one of the hallmarks of cancer, yet the process is poorly modeled in vitro, especially in an automated format. We are now offering compound profiling services for information rich, 3D tumor cell invasion assays using our novel iuvo Microchannel 5250 array platform. Designed as an improvement to Boyden chamber assays, our fully automated invasion assay uses microscopic imaging of cell movement through horizontally-oriented, collagen filled microchannels to provide quantitative data on cell motility. The microchannels facilitate post-assay staining, which dramatically increases the information content of the assays.


Proprietary iuvo™ Platform Enables High Content Cell Migration Assays


iuvo high content


Microchannels are filled with collagen; surface tension prevents flow of collagen into the cell addition port.


Cells with test compounds are added to the cell addition port.


Tumor cells invade the collagen filled channel and migrate in three dimensions.  



Information Rich Data

Number of cells invading, distance traveled, and effects on proliferation. inhibitors-images
Quantitative potency data including IC50 and magnitude of effect. inhibitors-graphs
In situ molecular staining allows pathway and mechanism analysis. in-situ-staining

Rapid Turnaround

Profiling projects are generally completed within two weeks. Reports include raw imaging files and distance traveled for each cell, dose response curves, IC50 values, and summary of proliferation/ toxicity effects.


More Information & Ordering

For more information on the iuvo 3D Cell-Based Assay Service, contact BellBrook Labs:
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