BellBrook Labs is dedicated to accelerating drug discovery and biological research.

- Our mission is to provide innovative lead discovery and optimization tools for researchers around the world.

-Our flagship product the Transcreener ADP2 Kinase Assay has been used in millions of wells since 2006.

BellBrook HTS Assays

Transcreener and AptaFluor HTS Assays, universal high throughput screening assays for enzymes using direct detection of nucleotides and homogenous fluorescent readouts.

Innate Immunity

Targeting enzymes critical to inflammatory autoimmune diseases and cancer. Learn more about our suite of assays and services for innate immunity.

Transcreener Assay Kits

Robust, repeatable, easy-to-use enzyme activity assays for drug discovery. By directly detecting the common product of an enzymatic reaction, e.g. ADP for kinases, Transcreener provides a universal method that can be used across an entire target family. Other universal assay methods introduce multiple coupling steps, creating more interference that provide false positives and negatives. Direct detection and far-red fluorescent readouts limit interference, producing accurate results that accelerate your drug discovery.

Since its introduction in 2006, Transcreener kinase assay kits have been used in millions of wells for HTS and lead discovery.

Here is what you can do with Transcreener:

  • Screen for small molecule inhibitors
  • Determine enzymatic activity
  • Profile inhibitor potency / determine IC50 values
  • Measure residence time / off-rate / dissociation of lead molecules with target
  • Inhibitor selectivity profiling
  • Mechanism of action studies

Transcreener Advantages:

  • Universal – Use with virtually any kinase
  • Direct detection of nucleotide enzyme products eliminates complex coupling steps that add to assay interference
  • The sensitivity of Transcreener enables accurate data, generating Z’ values of greater than 0.7 at substrate conversion levels less than 10%
  • Saves you time and development costs by using a single set of reagents for the entire kinase enzyme family
  • Your choice of FP, FI, and TR-FRET readouts with certified performance on major multimode readers
  • Overnight reagent and signal stability means you get reliable, robust screening data in large automated screens
  • Safe, non-radioactive assay method
  • Measure enzyme activity in real-time allowing for residence time determination in an HTS format.