Whether you want to screen 2M compounds or perform SAR on 20, you need a robust, reliable biochemical assay that has been optimized for your target.

Leveraging BellBrook’s assay development expertise will save you time and money. Your project will be handled by the same BellBrook scientists who developed the Transcreener assays and have optimized them for more than 100 different enzyme targets, including kinases, ATPase, GTPases, glycosyltransferases, ligases/synthetases, and phosphodiesterases. We will define the exact conditions needed for initial velocity detection of your enzyme with outstanding signal:noise; Z’ values of 0.7 to 0.9 are typical. We will tailor our efforts to meet your specific needs, for example minimizing consumption of limited reagents or enabling simultaneous screening for inhibitors and activators. And we will work fast. If your target enzyme is in good shape, we can generally complete the assay development within two to four weeks.

Assay Development Services Include:

  • Target Protein Sourcing/Production – If the target protein is available from the customer or a vendor, we will test it for purity and functional activity; if not, we will produce it using the most efficient and cost effective expression and purification strategy.
  • Assay Optimization with Target Protein – We will determine the optimal buffer composition, enzyme concentration, and reaction time and optimize detection reagents to produce the maximal signal under initial velocity conditions
    Case Study: Probing p97 ATPase with the Transcreener® ADP2 Assay
  • Assay Validation – Depending on customer needs, validation could include dose responses with control inhibitors, determination of kinetic parameters, pilot screens with targeted libraries, or interference screens.

Example Targets:

  • Protein Kinases
  • Lipid Kinases
  • Carbohydrate Kinases
  • ATPases
  • Methyltransferases
  • Acetyltransferases
  • HDACs
  • GTPases, GAPs, GEFs
  • Phosphodiesterases
  • Helicases
  • Ligases/Synthetases
  • Glycosyltransferases

Accelerating the Drug Discovery Process