View the Webinar On Demand at Anytime Ectonucleotidases are plasma membrane-bound enzymes with externally oriented active sites that metabolize nucleotides to nucleosides. One example is ectonucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase-1, also known as CD39, ENTPD1, or NTPDase1. CD39 hydrolyzes ATP and ADP to AMP. Other ectonucleotidases such as CD73 process the AMP further into adenosine, which is
Sometimes, the most intriguing cellular processes happen outside of the cell. Case in point: purinergic signaling pathways, in which extracellular receptors sense levels of purines in the extracellular milieu. The result? A wide array of effects on neuronal signaling, vascular tone, thrombosis, and immune function. But what controls the level of extracellular purines? Enter ectonucleotidases:
View our latest publication, “A High-Throughput Method for Measuring Drug Residence Time Using the Transcreener® ADP2 Assay” in SLAS Discovery. Inhibitor residence times are increasingly being used to prioritize molecules early in lead discovery programs. Current methods for determining residence time are low-throughput or require the synthesis of labeled ligands. Our goal was to create
Rho GTPases act as molecular switches to regulate the cytoskeletal dynamics underlying cell motility.  Rho GEFs (guanine nucleotide exchange factors) positively regulate Rho GTPases by accelerating GDP dissociation and allowing formation of the active GTPase-GTP complex. Active Rho GTPases typically stimulate cell growth and migration, sometimes triggering tumorigenesis or invasion. Selectively disrupting GEF action using
If your organization utilizes ATPase assays, you must be sure to consider all available options on the market. After all, you must able to have reliable and accurate results, and without the right ATPase assay kit, that’s the best fit for your research this will be difficult. Of course, if you are just now starting
Madison, WI, February 2017 – In response to an increasing demand for characterization and prioritization of compounds downstream of HTS or virtual screening, BellBrook Labs is expanding its Drug Discovery Services to include Lead Discovery in addition to Assay Development.  BellBrook will use its proprietary Transcreener® HTS assay platform to accelerate clients’ hit-to-lead and SAR

SLAS Conference 2017 Recap

SLAS Conference 2017 Recap Here is what you may have missed… Discussions at the Exhibit Included The expansion of BellBrooks’s Drug Discovery Services What’s new in the field of HTS sssays How Transcreener® Assays are accelerating drug discovery Current challenges to the field of drug discovery and potential solutions moving forward Posters Presented at the Conference
While it is true that there may be a number of options available for GTPase assays today, it is important to remember that they are all fundamentally unique. There are some that may be better suited to your needs, while others are going to provide you with better quality and more accurate results. Simple to
SLAS 2017 Meeting February 4th-8th Walter E. Washington Convention Center Washington, DC Exhibition Visit Booth #245 to: Learn about the expansion of BellBrooks’s Drug Discovery Services Discuss which HTS assays might be a fit for your research Discover how Transcreener® Assays are accelerating drug discovery Poster Presentations A Homogenous, Universal Enzymatic Assay for Histone Methyltransferases Based
The Transcreener kinase assays that are available today have a range of benefits, and offer a great solution for many researchers around the world.. These and other Transcreener assays from BellBrook Labs have already been used to great effect by other organizations, and you can receive the same benefits from them. They are a competitive