SLAS 2017 Meeting February 4th-8th Walter E. Washington Convention Center Washington, DC Exhibition Visit Booth #245 to: Learn about the expansion of BellBrooks’s Drug Discovery Services Discuss which HTS assays might be a fit for your research Discover how Transcreener® Assays are accelerating drug discovery Poster Presentations A Homogenous, Universal Enzymatic Assay for Histone Methyltransferases Based
The Transcreener kinase assays that are available today have a range of benefits, and offer a great solution for many researchers around the world.. These and other Transcreener assays from BellBrook Labs have already been used to great effect by other organizations, and you can receive the same benefits from them. They are a competitive
BellBrook Labs was awarded a Phase I grant of $225,000 to develop biosensors for detection of chromatin modifying enzymes, such as acetyltransferases and methyltransferases, in collaboration with University of Utah chemist Jennifer Heemstra. The collaboration leverages nucleic aptamer technology being developed by Dr. Heemstra to streamline development of assays for epigenetic enzymes being targeted for
The ABL1 gene is a special type of gene that encodes a protein tyrosine kinase. It is involved in various cellular processes, including but not limited to cell adhesion, cell division, and cell differentiation. This protein’s activity is adversely regulated by its SH3 domain, which involves the deletion of the region that encodes the domain
Increased instrumentation costs and limited budgets mean that most HTS labs rely on a single type of multimode plate reader, which may limit the detection modes that can be used.  The ability of an assay technology to generate different types of readouts and perform well on a variety of plate readers is certainly an asset
When it comes to the significant process that is compiling components for the correct kinase assay for your work, it can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. Having a simple mix-and-read method can take a lot of the stress out of this process. The good news is that you can find a kinase assay kit which
BellBrook Labs was awarded a Phase I Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grant of $353,000 from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism for pharmacological validation of GIV, a nonreceptor guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF), as a therapeutic target for liver fibrosis.  BellBrook will use proprietary high throughput GTPase assay methods to identify small
In Part I of II in this blog series, discussion included the challenges of screening methyltransferases, steps in developing an SAH assay, the experimental assay procedure, assay sensitivity, and reagent stability. Please view the previous post here: Creating a Methyltransferase HTS Assay Using an SAH Riboswitch Part I. Compatibility with Diverse MT Accepter Substrates As

ICBS Conference 2016

  Location: Madison, WI Date: October 24-26   BellBrook Labs’ team of scientists will be presenting the following posters at the International Chemical Biology Society. A Homogenous, Universal Methyltransferase Assay Based on a Microbial Riboswitch Leveraging Aptamers for Detection of Growth Factors in an HTS Compatible Format: An AptaFluor™ VEGF Assay Measuring Drug Residence Times
Did you miss the DOT 2016 meeting in Boston or would like a recap? View the posters and presentations from BellBrook’s scientists below. Posters: Aptamer Based Homogenous Single-Reagent HTS Assay Platform for Human Growth Factors Aniket, Elizabeth Vu, Meera Kumar, Tom Zielinski, Justin Brink, and Robert G. Lowery Determination of Drug Residence Time in a