About BellBrook Labs

BellBrook Labs is dedicated to providing the pharmaceutical industry with enabling screening tools to accelerate the discovery of more effective therapies. As a small, R&D-driven company, we identify areas where there is a strong need but a significant technical hurdle, and then we develop a solution. BellBrook Labs is focused on taking creative approaches to new product development and to continually improving the level of service provided to our customers. When you communicate with someone from BellBrook it will be immediately apparent that we share your passion for discovering more effective disease therapies and your respect for the complexity of biology. We have included names of BBL employees and direct phone numbers on this website. Please feel free to contact any of us with questions or suggestions regarding our products and technologies or how we might better serve your needs.

Transcreener® Biochemical Assay Technology

BellBrook’s proprietary Transcreener® HTS Platform was developed to move more new targets into HTS more rapidly and to streamline selectivity profiling within a target family. It relies on homogeneous fluorescent immunodetection of nucleotides, including ADP, UDP, GDP, AMP and GMP, that are formed by thousands of cellular enzymes. Among these are group transferase families, such as kinases and glycosyltransferases, that catalyze the covalent regulatory reactions that are central to cell signaling. Each Transcreener Assay provides a generic detection method for multiple enzyme families. This means that you can focus on evaluating new therapeutic strategies and optimizing lead molecules rather than on time-consuming assay development for individual targets. Since the introduction of the first Transcreener assays in 2005, the platform has been rapidly validated and adopted by pharmaceutical and biotechnology screening labs around the world.