BellBrook’s mission is to accelerate drug discovery by providing truly enabling high throughput screening tools for protein targets. We strive to make a real and positive impact on human health and build value for our investors and employees by assembling a portfolio of cutting edge, proprietary drug discovery tools. The company’s key values are: Integrity, Focus, Creativity, Initiative, Rationality, Teamwork and Optimism. We put these values into practice in our work every day, and we find that many of our customers in pharma/biotech and academic laboratories do the same, which makes it a pleasure to serve them.

Our core technology Transcreener®, is a biochemical HTS detection platform that enables researchers to screen thousands of different enzymes with just a few assays. Transcreener is well positioned for the current trend toward pharma/academic collaborations and screening of more diverse targets. With pharma management looking for reasons to eliminate discovery projects, a borderline assay is more than enough to prevent a promising new protein target from being screened. Transcreener helps by providing extensively validated, rock solid HTS performance for a rich diversity of otherwise intractable human and microbial enzymes. To put some flesh on it, the two largest screens we have sold in the last year were for a GTPase and a glycohydrolase – not exactly traditional targets. We’re proud to have made these screens possible, and we hope that they lead to more effective treatments for the diseases being targeted.

Now is not the most comfortable time to be working in drug discovery. Pharma is trying to increase R&D efficiency, which means people are losing their jobs, and many paradigms, including HTS, are being questioned. But at BellBrook we see this as an opportunity for new technologies to gain traction, so we are excited about the future. And we love what we do: it is fun, inspiring and rewarding and we look forward to working with our creative and dedicated customers to develop the next generation of medicines.