Helicase Profiling Services

Helicase profiling for several helicase targets using our trusted Transcreener ADP2 Assay. Work with expert scientists who have developed and optimzed Transcreener assays for more than 100 different enzymes.

  • Customizable Assay Conditions
  • Quick Turnaround Times - Save Time & Money!
  • Accurate Results with Proven Technology
  • Direct Collaboration with Real Scientists

Custom, Quick, and Accurate Profiling Services for Helicase Targets

BellBrook Labs is a small, custom shop. We are able to customize assay conditions as needed to suit a project's requirements and run compounds as soon as we receive them here in our lab in Madison, WI, providing faster results for your program. The best part - you will collaborate directly with a BellBrook scientist, who are experts in biochemistry and enzymology. 

Our Transcreener ADP2 Assay is an extensively validated technology that has been used in millions of wells by large pharma. It is based on a novel direct ADP detection method that reduces compound interference and the risk of false positives in a screen.

  • Compounds can be tested at a single concentration or in dose-response mode for the determination of IC50 values
  • Assay conditions can be customized to meet customer needs, e.g., saturating or non-saturating ATP or effector concentrations
  • Fast results - we process your data individually as soon as we receive your compounds (no waiting until the end of the month)
  • Data results from the extensively validated Transcreener assay technology that is highly specific and robust

Interested in our helicase profiling services? Contact a BellBrook Scientist:

Helicase Targets

Helicase profiling is available for the enzyme targets listed in the table below. Click on a target to learn more. We continue to develop assays for new helicase targets all the time. If you don't see your target listed, please inquire. We may still have experience with that target and can develop an assay that will advance your program needs.

Example Targets
Click Me ArrowDDX1
Click Me ArrowDDX3
Click Me ArrowDDX5
Click Me ArrowDDX17
Click Me ArrowPOLQ
Click Me ArrowMDA5
Click Me ArrowRIG-I
Click Me ArrowWRN

Inhibitor Screening for Helicase Enzyme Targets

Examples of Dose Response Curves using Transcreener's ADP Assay.


DDX1 Dose Response Curve

IC50 = 0.34 µM


DDX3 Dose Response Curve for Helicase Profiling

IC50 = 6.36 µM


DDX5 Dose Response Curve Helicase Profiling

IC50 = 0.12 µM


DDX17 Dose Response Curve with L-798106

IC50 = 171.5 µM


Dose Response Data With WRN Helicase Assay

IC50 = 0.03 µM


POLQ Dose Response Curve for Helicase Profiling

IC50 = 0.92 µM


RIG-I Dose Response with BVT 948 Only

IC50 = 3.56 µM


MDA5 Dose Response Curve with Suramin Only

IC50 = 0.34 µM

How Do Our Helicase Profiling Services Work?

Choose a Helicase Target

Services are available for customers interested in a single or multiple helicase target(s). If you don't see your target listed, please inquire. We are developing assays for new targets all the time. 

Example Targets
Click Me ArrowDDX1
Click Me ArrowDDX3
Click Me ArrowDDX5
Click Me ArrowDDX17
Click Me ArrowPOLQ
Click Me ArrowMDA5
Click Me ArrowRIG-I
Click Me ArrowWRN

Talk To A Scientist

Let's talk science. We'd like to learn more about your target, your goals, and how we can accelerate your program.

We'll Do The Work

Send us your compounds. We'll use proven Transcreener Assays to measure enzymatic activity. Assays will be performed in a timely manner at our lab in Madison, WI. 

Quickly Provide a Report & Support

We'll provide a full report including the raw data and results of the experiments. We can keep things as simple or complex as you like.

Application Note Preview Image

Why Choose BellBrook Labs to Accelerate Your Program?

Leveraging BellBrook's services expertise will save you time and money. Your project will be handled by the same BellBrook scientists who developed the Transcreener assay and have optimized them for more than 100 different enzymes, including helicases, kinases, ATPases, GTPases, glycosyltransferases, ligases/synthetases, and phosphodiesterases. We will tailor our efforts to meet your specific needs. For example, minimizing consumption of limited reagents or enabling simultaneous screening for inhibitors and activators. And we will work fast. If your target enzyme is listed here, we can generally complete the services within one to two weeks. 

Advantage of BellBrook's Drug Discovery Services

Contact a BellBrook Scientist

Please fill out the form below. We will respond quickly to get the conversation moving and learn how we can help. We keep things discrete, confidential, and professional.

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