Complete Biochemical Assay Solutions for Your Toughest Enzyme Targets

Let BellBrook save you the time and trouble of sourcing enzymes and developing assays so you can focus on optimizing your lead molecules. Whether it’s a DNA repair enzyme, an innate immune sensor, or a RNA methyltransferase, our complete assay solutions are ready for your most demanding targets.

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Assay Solutions for Your Toughest Targets

BellBrook Labs offers cutting-edge assays to meet the demanding needs of drug discovery researchers. Leveraging our Transcreener and AptaFluor Assay platforms, our scientists continuously work to validate and develop assays ready for your most challenging enzyme targets. 

Our assay systems include the enzyme, substrate, assay plates, and buffers required for the respective Transcreener or AptaFluor Assay, providing a complete assay solution to simplify your discovery process. 

Cut your development time from months to days!

Transcreener Assay Technology

Transcreener Assay Overview

Transcreener technology uses a simple but powerful method that consists of antibodies selective to nucleotides and far-red fluorescent tracers. The product produced in the reaction competes with the tracer, changing the fluorescent properties and providing a readout.

Transcreener is a simple mix-and-read format. Perform your enzyme reaction, add the detection reagent, and measure. The system yields robust results that also make it extremely amiable to HTS.

AptaFluor Assay Technology

AptaFluor SAH Methylatransferase Assay Schematic

The AptaFluor SAH Methyltransferase Assay uses a naturally occurring aptamer that selectively binds SAH, the product of methyltransferase reactions.

The exquisite affinity and selectivity of the aptamer combined with a positive TR-FRET signal enable screening and profiling of methyltransferases with unparalleled sensitivity.

As a result, the AptaFluor SAH Methyltransferase Assay overcomes technical gaps of current detection methods that are not sensitive enough for enzymes with low turnover or high SAM affinities.

Enzolution™ Assay Systems

General Assay System Graphic Without Transcreener Assay Depiction

Our Enzolution Assay Systems provide a comprehensive approach to assess enzyme activity and screen for novel modulators. It includes enzyme, substrate, buffers, and assay plates required for an enzyme reaction and screening.

Choosing to use our Enzolution Assay System with the Transcreener or AptaFluor Assay saves you time and money in sourcing enzymes and developing the assays.

Easy-to-Use Assay Symbol

Easy-to-Use & HTS-Ready

A simple assay protocol that is ready to scale up for HTS. (Z' > 0.7)

Direct Detection of ADP Antibody

Direct Nucleotide Detection

Many of our assays offer direct nucleotide detection, which reduces the risk of false positives or missing a hit.

Ultra-Sensitive Assay Technology Symbol

Ultra-Sensitive Assay Technology

The unparalleled sensitivity of the assay technology allows high-throughput screening with reduced enzyme usage.

Outstanding Assay Reagent Stability Symbol

Outstanding Reagent Stability

Stability at room temperature for at least 8 hours ensures data quality does not suffer in a large, automated screen where detection mix may be stored for long periods at room temperature.