AptaFluor® Biochemical Methyltransferase Assay Kit

Biochemical methyltransferase assay kits from BellBrook Labs provide a simple tool for measuring methyltransferase activity in a high throughput format. The assay uses an aptamer that selectively binds to SAH, the product of SAM-dependent methyltransferase reactions. The aptamer is split into two individually labeled pieces that come together only in the presence of SAH. Upon binding, a positive TR-FRET signal can be measured which enables screening and profiling of slow, low turnover methyltransferases with a simple biochemical assay.

Direct Detection of SAH Enables a Universal Assay Method for Methyltransferases

Methyltransferase Assay Kit Schematic
New Methyltransferase Assay Poster

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Ultra-Sensitive Non-Radio Assay

  • LLD for SAH of 0.6nM
  • Use with SAM concentrations as low as 100 nM
  • Reduces enzyme usage by 30X or more
  • Convenient - use instead of radio assays
  • Assay at or below Km for SAM
SET79 Enzyme Titration with AptaFluor


  • Screen for small molecule activators and inhibitors
  • Characterize and validate potential hits
  • Determine accurate IC50s
  • Profile inhibitor selectivity
  • Monitor methyltransferase enzyme activity

Use With A Variety of Substrates

  • Histones
  • Peptides
  • Nucleosomes
  • Poly(dI-dC)

Universal - Use With Virtually Any Methyltransferase