3029-10K Enzolution™ TREX1 Assay System


The Enzolution TREX1 Assay System used with the Transcreener dAMP Exonuclease Assay (sold separate) directly measures dAMP produced by TREX1 as it cleaves polynucleotides. The Enzolution assay system includes the TREX1 enzyme, DNA substrate, assay plates, and buffer components required to measure TREX1 activity. This kit contains components for 10,000 assay wells in a 384-well format. The Transcreener dAMP Exonuclease Assay is not included in the assay system but is available for separate purchase through BellBrook Labs. The Transcreener dAMP exonuclease assay is designed for HTS, Hit-to-Lead, SAR, and general discovery and can be used with any plate reader that measures fluorescence polarization.

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