3034-10K-FP Enzolution™ POLQ Helicase ATPase FP Assay System


The Enzolution POLQ Helicase ATPase Assay System includes enzyme, substrate, assay plates, and buffers required for a POLQ reaction to produce ADP. The Transcreener ADP FP Assay (sold separately) is a far-red, competitive assay that directly measures ADP production to determine enzymatic activity with a fluorescence polarization (FP) readout. This kit contains components for 10,000 assay wells in a 384-well format. The Transcreener ADP FP Assay is not included in the Enzolution Assay System but is available for separate purchase through BellBrook Labs. The Transcreener ADP assay is designed for HTS, Hit-to-Lead, SAR, and general discovery.

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