Corning 384-Well Black Assay Plates (#4514), 3-Pack (1,000+ Assays)


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Corning® 384-well plates area great fit for Transcreener FP and FI assays. They feature low working volume to conserve precious enzyme. BellBrook Labs recommends a final volume of 20 µL for these plates. Black plates absorb light and reduce background as well as well-to-well cross talk. Square well tops enable easier robotic handling, while round bottoms minimize trapped air and provide better assay Z’. Polystyrene non-binding surfaces (NBS) is Corning’s proprietary treatment which limits protein binding at low concentrations. The microplate is non-sterile and comes without a lid. However, for long incubation periods, BellBrook Labs recommends covering your sample wells to reduce evaporation.