BellBrook’s AptaFluor® assay platform leverages the power of aptamers to accelerate drug discovery. The new AptaFluor SAH Methyltransferase Assay uses a novel split aptamer approach with a TR-FRET readout to measure methyltransferase enzyme activity. Future assays will employ a variety of detection strategies to provide robust, easy to use homogeneous assays for drug discovery.

AptaFluor SAH Methyltransferase Assay

The AptaFluor SAH Methyltransferase Assay uses an aptamer that selectively binds with the SAH, the product of methyltransferase reactions. The exquisite affinity and selectivity of the riboswitch combined with a positive TR-FRET signal enable screening and profiling of histone methyltransferases with unparalleled sensitivity.

Direct Detection of SAH with a TR-FRET Readout

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In addition to our AptaFluor HTS Assays, Bellbrook Labs also offers the following products and services to aid in the drug discovery process: