Profiling Phosphodiesterases with the Transcreener® AMP²/GMP² TR-FRET Assay

About the Transcreener AMP2/GMP2 Phosphodiesterase Assay

Detect any AMP/GMP producing enzyme (e.g., ligases, synthetases, phosphodiesterases) using any precursor substrate, including cAMP, cGMP, ATP, or NAD. It is the only assay method for direct detection of unlabeled AMP or GMP; i.e. without using coupling enzymes. The method is simple and HTS-proven: run your enzyme reaction, add detection reagents, and read the far red FP or TR-FRET signal on any multimode plate reader.

XMP enzyme products, including AMP, GMP and CMP displace a fluorescent tracer from a highly selective antibody resulting in a change in fluorescence. Both assays use a far red tracer, which reduces compound interference and provides a robust ratiometric readout.

Universal AMP/GMP Detection for Phosphodiesterases

Phosphodiesterase Assays AMP GMP Assay FP
Phosphodiesterase Assays AMP GMP Assay TR-FRET

One Assay … Hundreds of Targets

Along with PDEs the kit can also be used with:

  • Ligases: Ub and SUMO Ligases, DNA and RNA Ligases
  • Synthetases: Acyl CoA Synthetase, Amino-Acyl tRNA Synthetases, NAD Synthetase
  • Phosphodiesterases: cAMP, cGMP
  • Sialyltransferases: (CMP detection)
  • Protein deAMPylase
  • Ectonucleotidases such as CD39


  • Measure Enzymatic Activity
  • Screen Compound Libraries for Inhibitors
  • Determine Inhibitor Selectivity
  • Measure Inhibitor Potency
  • Inhibitor Residence Time Measurement

Measure the Potency of Inhibitors for a Variety of Targets


  • Direct detection of unlabeled AMP or GMP
  • Easy to use: one-step, simple mix and read format
  • Robust: Z’ > 0.7 for initial velocity reactions
  • Less interference: Far red fluorescence minimizes compound interference
  • Non-radioactive assay technique
  • Available in FP or TR-FRET readouts
  • Wide substrate concentration range: 1 μM to 1000 µM

Sensitive Assay with Large Window

Transcreener AMP²/GMP² Phosphodiesterase Assay Kits

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Far Red FP & TR-FRET Readouts Validated on Major Multimode Readers

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