Validation of Recombinant Human Methyltransferases with the Transcreener® EPIGEN Methyltransferase Assay

A simpler, more user friendly Transcreener EPIGEN Methyltransferase Assay with fewer components and streamlined protocol. For detailed information, see technical manual.

Transcreener® Inside…

Transcreener® EPIGEN AssayThe Transcreener® EPIGEN Assay provides universal methyltransferase detection in an HTS-proven format. It combines the extensively validated Transcreener® AMP²/GMP² Assay with coupling enzymes that convert the SAH produced in a Methyltransferase reaction to AMP.

  • Universal: Detects any methyltransferase using any substrate
  • Robust: Z’ values greater than 0.7 with low substrate consumption
  • Homogenous Format: Simple mix-and-read format for HTS workflows
  • Sensitive: Reduces enzyme usage and allows use of physiological SAM concentrations
  • >24 hr reagent and signal stability: High quality data in automated workflows at any scale
  • Validated: Optimized with a variety of enzymes including Reaction Biology’s purified MTases

Simple & HTS-Ready

The Transcreener® EPIGEN MT Assay is simple, HTS-ready and has the outstanding data quality and deck and signal stability that Transcreener® Assays are known for. Run your enzyme reaction, add the quench reagent, add detection reagents (coupling enzymes are pre-combined with Transcreener® reagents), and read your plates.

Detection of HMTs with the Transcreener® Epigen Methyltransferase Assay. Enzyme titrations of Set7/9, G9a, and Suv39H1 histone methyltransferases with SAM at the indicated concentrations and a Histone H3-derived peptide as acceptor substrate.

This assay is designed to be used with purified enzyme preparations. Transcreener assays are not validated with cell lysates, blood, serum, or other biological samples.

Transcreener® EPIGEN Methyltransferase Assay

Far Red FP Readouts Validated on Major Multimode Readers

SupplierInstrumentFP Assays
TriStar2S LB 942In Review
Tristar 5In Review
Mithras2 LB 943In Review
CytationTM 5Validated
CytationTM 3Validated
CytationTM 1Validated
SynergyTM H1Validated
SynergyTM 2/H4/4Click Me ArrowValidated
SynergyTM HTXNot Capable
SynergyTM Neo 2Validated
POLARstar® OmegaClick Me ArrowValidated
FLUOstar® OmegaNot Capable
PHERAstar® FSXClick Me ArrowValidated
PHERAstar® Plus/FSClick Me ArrowValidated
CLARIOstar® /PlusClick Me ArrowValidated
VANTAstarTMClick Me ArrowValidated
SenseIn Review
Analyst® GT/HTClick Me ArrowValidated
Gemini® XPS/EMNot Capable
SpectraMax® M2/M2eNot Capable
SpectraMax® M5/M5e/FlexStation® 3Not Capable
SpectraMax® ParadigmClick Me ArrowValidated
SpectraMax® iD3/iD5Click Me ArrowValidated
SpectraMax® i3xClick Me ArrowValidated
EnVision®/EnVision® XciteClick Me ArrowValidated
Infinite® M1000/M1000Pro/Safire2TMClick Me ArrowValidated
Infinite® M200Not Capable
Infinite® F500Click Me ArrowValidated
Infinite® F200/UltraevolutionClick Me ArrowContact Us
SparkTM 10MClick Me ArrowValidated