Validation of Recombinant Human Methyltransferases with the Transcreener® EPIGEN Methyltransferase Assay

A simpler, more user friendly Transcreener EPIGEN Methyltransferase Assay with fewer components and streamlined protocol. For detailed information, see technical manual.

Transcreener® Inside…

Transcreener® EPIGEN AssayThe Transcreener® EPIGEN Assay provides universal methyltransferase detection in an HTS-proven format. It combines the extensively validated Transcreener® AMP²/GMP² Assay with coupling enzymes that convert the SAH produced in a Methyltransferase reaction to AMP.

  • Universal: Detects any methyltransferase using any substrate
  • Robust: Z’ values greater than 0.7 with low substrate consumption
  • Homogenous Format: Simple mix-and-read format for HTS workflows
  • Sensitive: Reduces enzyme usage and allows use of physiological SAM concentrations
  • >24 hr reagent and signal stability: High quality data in automated workflows at any scale
  • Validated: Optimized with a variety of enzymes including Reaction Biology’s purified MTases

Simple & HTS-Ready

The Transcreener® EPIGEN MT Assay is simple, HTS-ready and has the outstanding data quality and deck and signal stability that Transcreener® Assays are known for. Run your enzyme reaction, add the quench reagent, add detection reagents (coupling enzymes are pre-combined with Transcreener® reagents), and read your plates.

Detection of HMTs with the Transcreener® Epigen Methyltransferase Assay. Enzyme titrations of Set7/9, G9a, and Suv39H1 histone methyltransferases with SAM at the indicated concentrations and a Histone H3-derived peptide as acceptor substrate.

Transcreener® EPIGEN Methyltransferase Assay

Far Red FP Readouts Validated on Major Multimode Readers

Supplier Instrument FP Assays
bioteklogo TriStar²S LB 942 in review
Mithras² LB 943 in review
bioteklogo Cytation™ 5 validated
Cytation™ 3 validated
Cytation™ 1 validated
Synergy™ H1 validated
Synergy™ 2/H4/4 validated
Synergy™ HTX not capable
Synergy™ Neo 2 validated
BMGLABTECH Logo POLARstar® Omega validated
FLUOstar® Omega not capable
PHERAstar® FSX validated
PHERAstar® Plus/FS validated
CLARIOstar® /Plus validated
VANTAstar validated
MDS AT logo Analyst® GT/HT validated
Gemini® XPS/EM not capable
SpectraMax® M2/M2e not capable
SpectraMax® M5/M5e/FlexStation® 3 not capable
SpectraMax® Paradigm validated
perkinElmerLogo EnVision®/EnVision® Xcite validated
tecanLogo Infinite® M1000/M1000Pro/Safire2™ validated
Infinite® M200 not capable
Infinite® F500 validated
Infinite® F200/Ultraevolution contact us
Spark™ 10M validated