The Simplest, Most Direct ADP Detection Method Available … Use for any kinase or ATPase.

Universal ADP Detection with a Far-Red TR-FRET Readout …

The Transcreener® ADP² TR-FRET Assay produces a far-red, time-resolved Förster-resonance-energy-transfer (TR-FRET) signal that is less sensitive to interference from fluorescent compounds than other detection modes. It is a simple, one-step homogeneous detection assay that accommodates a broad range of ATP concentrations (0.1 to 1,000 µM ATP) and produces excellent signal (Z´ > 0.7 at 10% conversion of 1 µM ATP). The assay can be used for virtually any ADP-producing enzyme including kinases and ATPases.

Displacement of tracer by ADP disrupts FRET from the antibody-bound Terbium chelate leading to a decrease in the TR-FRET signal. In addition to the time-resolved signal, the assay uses a far-red tracer to minimize interference from fluorescent compounds and light scattering.

  • UNIVERSAL: detect any ADP-producing enzyme, using any substrate.
  • SINGLE ADDITION: one-step, simple mix-and-read format.
  • SENSITIVE: Z’ > 0.7 at low ATP conversion.
  • LOW INTERFERENCE: far red, time-resolved signal.

The instrument validation program is a collaborative effort with the major suppliers of multimode readers to ensure that Transcreener® assays perform optimally on your specific instrument. Scientists at BellBrook and/or the instrument vendor have tested Transcreener reagents with each instrument to determine the optimal filters and settings for maximal assay performance.  We provide you with application notes with all of the important details, so you can be confident of success using Transcreener assays on the instrument of your choice.

Supplier Instrument TR-FRET Assays
ADP2, AMP2/GMP2, GDP, UDP, AptaFluor SAH
bioteklogo TriStar²S LB 942 validated
Mithras² LB 943 validated
bioteklogo Cytation™ 5 validated
Cytation™ 3 validated
Cytation™ 1 validated
Synergy™ H1 validated
Synergy™ 2/H4/4 validated
Synergy™ HTX not capable
Synergy™ Neo 2 validated
BMGLABTECH Logo POLARstar® Omega validated
FLUOstar® Omega validated
PHERAstar® FSX validated
PHERAstar® Plus/FS validated
CLARIOstar® /Plus validated
VANTAstar validated
MDS AT logo Analyst® GT/HT validated
Gemini® XPS/EM not capable
SpectraMax® M2/M2e not capable
SpectraMax® M5/M5e/FlexStation® 3 validated
SpectraMax® Paradigm contact us
perkinElmerLogo EnVision®/EnVision® Xcite validated
tecanLogo Infinite® M1000/M1000Pro/Safire2™ validated
Infinite® M200 not capable
Infinite® F500 validated
Infinite® F200/Ultraevolution contact us
Spark™ 10M validated

Validation Criteria

  • 384-Well Format
  • Z’-Factor ≥ 0.7 at 10% conversion of 10 μM ATP
  • Δ mP ≥ 95 mP at 10% conversion of 10 μM ATP
  • Z’ and Δ mP specifications to be met using Transcreener ADP2 Assay reagents
  • Read time to achieve Z’ and Δ mP specifications ≤ 5 minutes

Look for these stickers on instruments that have successfully met the validation criteria.