Transcreener® ADP2 Assays for universal screening and profiling of any ATPase

ATPase Profiling Services

BellBrook Labs offers ATPase Profiling Services for several ATPase enzyme targets using our trusted Transcreener ATPase Assay. BellBrook scientists will use their extensive biochemistry and enzymology expertise to work with you and accelerate your ATPase program. We tailor our expertise to meet your specific needs, saving you both time and money. Contact us today to see if BellBrook's profiling services will advance your research. 

ATPase Profiling Targets

ATPase profiling is available as a complete panel or by individual target. Profiling panels can be customized as needed to meet our customer's needs. Click on a target to learn more. We continue to develop assays for new targets.

ATPase Profiling by Individual Targets

ATPase Profiling Panel A

ATPase FamilyEnzyme
AAA/HSPsClick Me Arrowp97
NTPDasesClick Me ArrowCD39
Click Me ArrowCD73
Small Molecule KinasesClick Me ArrowKetohexokinase
Click Me ArrowADK
HelicasesClick Me ArrowDDX3
Click Me ArrowPOLQ
Click Me ArrowWRN
NudixClick Me ArrowNUDT5
OtherClick Me ArrowENPP1

Don't see the target you are looking for? We may still be able to help! Contact us to find out more. 

ATPase Profiling Services

Scientist Studying DDX41
  • Compounds can be tested at a single concentration or in dose-response mode for the determination of IC50 values
  • Panel A includes a broad spectrum of ATP-dependent enzymes, including small molecule kinases, DNA and RNA helicases, HSPs, and nucleotidases
  • Assay conditions can be customized to meet customer needs, e.g., saturating or non-saturating ATP or effector concentrations

Inhibitor Screening for Several ATPase Enzyme Targets

Examples of Dose Response Curves using Transcreener's ATPase Assay

DDX3 Dose Response Curve

DDX3 Dose Response Curve with % inhibition

IC50 = 4.46 µM

ENPP1 Dose Response Curve

ENPP1 Dose Response ATPase Profiling

IC50 = 0.36 µM

p97 Dose Response Curve

p97 Dose Response Curve

IC50 = 17.08 nM

Ketohexokinase Dose Response Curve

KHK Dose Response Curve

IC50 = 0.29 µM

How Do Our ATPase Profiling Services Work?

Choose an ATPase Profiling Panel

BellBrook Labs offers a standard profiling panel. This panel may be customized to better meet your needs depending on the requirements. Contact us if you are interested in our standard ATPase profiling panel or a customized ATPase panel.


Choose an ATPase Target

Services are available for customers interested in a single ATPase target. If you don't see your target listed, please inquire. We are developing assays for new targets all the time. We may have experience with that target or a similar one within an enzyme family. 

Talk To A Scientist

Let's talk science. We'd like to learn more about your target, your goals, and how we can accelerate your program.

We'll Do The Work

Send us your compounds. We'll use proven Transcreener Assays to measure enzymatic activity. Assays will be performed in a timely manner at our lab in Madison, WI. 

Quickly Provide a Report & Support

We'll provide a full report including the raw data and results of the experiments. We can keep things as simple or complex as you like.

Overview of the Transcreener ATPase Assay for ATPase Profiling

The Transcreener ATPase Assay is a universal method to assess the activity of virtually any ATPase enzyme. The assay measures enzyme activity by directly detecting ADP formed during ATP hydrolysis.

Assay Features

  • Direct detection of unlabeled ADP
  • HTS-Ready Assay
  • Kinetic Mode Capable
  • Robust Assay Z'>0.7 under initial velocity conditions
  • Far-red fluorescent readouts minimize compound interference
  • A safe, non-radioactive method
  • Available in FP, FI, or TR-FRET readouts

Why Choose BellBrook Labs to Accelerate Your Program?

Leveraging BellBrook's services expertise will save you time and money. Your project will be handled by the same BellBrook scientists who developed the Transcreener assay and have optimized them for more than 100 different enzymes, including kinases, ATPases, GTPases, glycosyltransferases, ligases/synthetases, and phosphodiesterases. We will tailor our efforts to meet your specific needs. For example, minimizing consumption of limited reagents or enabling simultaneous screening for inhibitors and activators. And we will work fast. If your target enzyme is in good shape, we can generally complete the services within two to four weeks. 

Advantage of BellBrook's Drug Discovery Services

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Case Study: Probing p97 ATPase with the Transcreener ADP2 ATPase Assay

p97 ATPase acts on diverse substrate proteins to partake in various cellular processes such as membrane fusion and endoplasmic reticulum-associated degradation (ERAD). The customer was expressing two different p97 enzyme preparations - Human and Mouse - but they had been unable to detect activity with the methods they were employing. The two preparations of the enzyme were provided to BellBrook under a materials transfer agreement and an experimental plan was developed as per the customer needs.  

The goals of this study were to:

  1. Evaluate the activity of the two enzyme preparations and determine the optimal enzyme concentration to be used for an HTS assay.
  2. Determine which of the two detection modes, FP or TR-FRET, would be most suitable for this project.

BellBrook's scientific team optimized enzyme reaction and detection conditions that produced outstanding assay windows and Z' values for both forms of the enzyme within one week.