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Transcreener CD38 Assay Services

Transcreener CD38 Assay measures ADPR produced by CD38 (Cluster of Differentiation 38 or Cyclic ADP Ribose Hydrolase). These ADPR measurements allow researchers to effectively determine the activity of the enzyme. The assay provides a powerful tool to screen compound libraries for CD38 modulators to help find new therapies for disease.

The assay is currently available as a service performed in-house at BellBrook Labs. Please contact us for questions related to acquiring the assay.

How Does This CD38 Assay Work?

The Transcreener CD38 Assay determines CD38 enzyme activity by using a coupling enzyme that converts ADPR produced by CD38 to AMP. AMP can then be measured using the trusted Transcreener AMP2 components. The assay provides a universal method to assess activity of any AMP-producing enzyme. 

Transcreener CD38 Assay technology uses a simple but highly effective method that consists of an antibody selective to AMP and a far-red fluorescent tracer. AMP produced in the reaction competes with the tracer changing the fluorescent properties and providing fluorescent readout.

The CD38 assay is currently available as a service performed in-house at BellBrook Labs. The assay provides an FP readout. The simple mix-and-read format yields robust results that also make it extremely amiable to HTS.

Detection of ADPR to Measure CD38 Enzymatic Activity

Transcreener CD38 Assay Schematic

CD38 uses NAD+ to produce ADPR & cADPR. A coupling enzyme generates AMP from the ADPR. The Transcreener AMP Assay then measures the AMP.


  • Measure Enzymatic Activity of CD38
  • Screen Compound Libraries for CD38 Modulators
  • Quantify Inhibitor Potency
  • Inhibitor Selectivity Profiling


  • Designed as in homogenous, one-step format to enable reproducibility.
  • Robust Assay Z’ > 0.7 under initial velocity conditions
  • Far-red fluorescent readouts minimize compound interference

Mix-and-Read, HTS-Ready Assay

We'll run your enzyme reaction, add Transcreener reagents, and read the plates. The CD38 assay is compatible with 96, 384, and 1536-well formats.

Transcreener Mix and Read Assay

Robust Assay Yields Quality Results

Z' measurements using optimized CD38 reaction conditions indicate a robust assay. Robust data like this is vital for sizeable high throughput screens that are difficult to complete due to massive sample quantity. Z' shown here = 0.92.

Z' CD38 Assay

Detection of AMP Under CD38 Initial Velocity - FP Readout

The assay demonstrates linearity when raw data is converted to the product formed using a standard curve. Linearity is shown under initial velocity conditions when raw data is converted to AMP formed as ADPR is broken down by the detection reagents.

Human CD38 Enzyme Titration

CD38 Enzyme Titration

Linear Response

CD38 Enzyme Titration Converted Data

Screen for Inhibitors & Perform SAR

Transcreener Assays are designed for screening compound libraries in a high throughput format. Follow-up SAR can also be performed using the assay to determine inhibitor potency both quickly and accurately.

Accurate Dose-Response Data

Dose-response curve with CD38 Assay

IC50 = 0.00803 μM

CD38 Assay Services

Interested in moving your program forward with BellBrook's CD38 Assay services? BellBrook scientists will use their extensive biochemistry and enzymology expertise to work with you and accelerate your CD38 or innate immunity program.

Assay Development Services

Lead Discovery Services Include:

  • Inhibitor Screening – To identify or confirm activity with the target.
  • Inhibitor Potency Profiling – Dose-response with target and/or related proteins. Fast IC50 results.
  • Mechanism of Action Studies – Kinetic analysis to define the mode of inhibition.

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The Role of CD38 As a Therapeutic Target

CD38, an ectoenzyme, locates on the surface of a variety of immune cells. It is also in other cellular parts, such as the mitochondria. Soluble CD38 is present in cytoplasm. It’s part of the extracellular CD38/CD203a/CD73/CD39 pathway to modulate adenosine production. CD38 is one of the first pathway steps, producing ADPR from NAD+.

Extracellular adenosine is a key player in the regulation of inflammation and immunogenicity. As such CD38 provides a potential target for tumor evasion and inflammatory-related disease. Intracellular CD38 is also a target for asthma as cADPR-mediates calcium channels that control smooth muscle associated with breathing.

The Transcreener CD38 Assay Service is an excellent tool for researchers examining the therapeutic effects of CD38.