BellBrook's Scientists Use the Proven Transcreener GDP Assay to Directly Measure the Activity of GTPase Enzymes as Well As GAPs and GEFs to Get You Accurate Results Fast

Interested in moving your program forward, but don't want to bring an assay in-house? Our scientists can help! BellBrook scientists right here in Madison, Wisconsin will use their extensive biochemistry and enzymology expertise to work with you and accelerate your GTPase program. We can provide inhibitor potency profiling for a variety of GTPase enzymes and related proteins. Get accurate IC50 results fast, to understand how your inhibitor interacts with other GTPases. Contact us today to see if BellBrooks's GTPase profiling services will advance your research.

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GTPase FamilyEnzymeEnzyme Type
Ras FamilyKRasWild Type
KRas (G-13D)Mutant
KRas (G-12C)Mutant
KRas (G-12V)Mutant
KRas (G-12D)Mutant
HRasWild Type
NRasWild Type
RRasWild Type
Rho FamilyRhoAWild Type
RhoCWild Type
Cdc42Wild Type
Rac1Wild Type
Ran FamilyRanT24NMutant
Rab FamilyRab2Wild Type

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